Our Story

Milk & Honey Books began in a small room with three best friends, consisting of two illustrators and a photographer with a passion for bookmaking. After graduating from art school, the group of four creatives struggled to find a space in the working field for their abilities and talents, as well as their love for the environment. They then created a space in which they could use their talent, as well as create something that would bring awareness to an important issue that many times goes understated - the decline of the bee population, worldwide. 

Bees are the boss species of our environment. They pollinate 70% of the plants we cultivate on this planet, which means without them we would be screwed. Unfortunately, bee populations are in a dangerous decline, which means we will be screwed if we don’t make an effort to change the status quo. Some ways to help out your fellow bee is by leaving a bowl with pebbles and water outside your home for them to rehydrate, purchasing local, raw honey, and planting bee-friendly plants without pesticides.

Our mission is to create handmade, unique products, that are eco-friendly and recyclable, to build awareness to the great need to protect our Earth, as well as provide creatives and collectors alike with a sketchbook, notebook or stationary they can feel good about. We strive to provide designs as unique as you are, allowing you to express yourself from the inside, out. 

We pride ourselves in the quality of our paper products, as well as the craftsmanship of our stationary products. We take time to produce a beautiful creation, by hand, that is pristine and ready to reach your hands. 


Be Kind. Be Creative.